Saturday, June 20, 2015

Inclusive Astronomy 2015

For the first time in months, I have both something worth writing about and the time in which to write it.

This past week was the inaugural Inclusive Astronomy meeting, essentially an entire meeting dedicated to how to not be assholes to people who aren't able-bodied straight white cis-gendered man within the field of astronomy. Not surprisingly, many of the issues touched upon apply to the wider world outside of astronomy (also dominated by people who look generally like me).

Apart from a few hiccups (inevitable for a first of any type of meeting, especially one covering such sensitive topics), I'd call the meeting an overwhelming success. Personally, I learned a ton, and owe a lot to those people who contributed to said learning. I also met a lot of amazing people, some of whom I only previously knew through online interactions via Facebook and Twitter. Aside from these small comments, I can't say all that much about the proceedings of the meeting. I still need to digest what I learned, and I'll be away from the Internet (save for what I can get through my phone) for the next week or so doing fun dorky shit. I may write a bit about that as well, if I get the time.

I've definitely been inspired to put together another post that's been rattling around in my head a little since the Great Astro Flame War, but it'll take a bit longer to put together, so keep your eyes open for it in the coming weeks (assuming anyone still bothers to read this).

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